Bambam Drumfun, Now an Arts Wellness program

So much to report this spring as we pivot to repositioning BBDF as a blended arts wellness enterprise. Same rhythms, same EZbeats, same songs. Same arts activities, like our Shaker Maker kits and ColorMeBeats.

What’s changed is our focus. Bambam is still a smart, fun, easy arts program for all ages and abilities. The ‘what’ hasn’t changed. What’s changed is the ‘why’ of Bambam. I have distilled the core essence of what makes syncopated rhythm-making, arts’n’crafting, song and cheer so beneficial to our clients.

Mind and mood health. Cognitive and emotional wellness. All the essential social aspects of participation in a 1-time or ongoing group arts program. That’s Bambam. And of course our live show, now ready for larger stages.

It’s Bambam Drumfun Time! A live rhythm drum-along show for all ages!

For more information or to book a Bambam Drumfun Arts Wellness workshop event or a live It’s Bambam Drumfun Time! show and after-show workshop, call or text DC Scott or Elyse at (786) 971-9636 or send an email request to

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