My homemade BAMBAM DRUMFUN (BBDF) kit instruments have sure come a long, long way since recycling empty plastic spice containers and cardboard boxes.

Here is what I believe to be the very first Bambam Drumfun recycled shaker.

Ingredients: 1 plastic Goya Spice cylindrical container (5″ l x 2″d), 3 ounces Publix dry white rice, 1 ounce Publix dry black beans, blue electrical tape).

Of course, the beans and rice are dry. For those of you who may lack the critical thinking skills necessary to conclude that both rice and beans should be DRY not cooked, BAMBAM DRUMFUN likes to be overly clear in all directions and instructions.

Dry beans and rice.

For our purposes, the sound quality of these homemade shakers was ideal. More than replicating that of those found at music stores such as Sam Ash, Guitar Center, and Manny’s. TOTAL COST: 32 cents.

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