That’s me during my drum captain facilitator training with Jana Broder of Drum Magic at an Orlando Public Library event.

Hi, I’m Drum Captain Scott, creator and chief drum captain of a group rhythm arts program I call BAMBAM DRUMFUN. Since facilitating my first group rhythm session in November of 2013 at the Imperial Club of Aventura, I’ve share my unique music and art class with groups all across South Florida.

It’s a labor of love, and is based in large part on an activity that once got me sent to the principals’ office. That’s right! Back in my middle school days, I had a habit of drumming on my desk. My teachers were not thrilled, and over and over I’d find myself in the principal’s office. That was a battle I would not win.

Years later, still drumming on tables.

Fast forward to today, and I’m happy that I learned to channel my energy in a way that allows me to drum on tables with folks of all ages and abilities. This time, I figured out a way to keep the noise down using soft wood sticks on cork pads. That’s better for me, and for my clients as well, many of whom have sound sensitivities.


These enriching group rhythm classes are held on location at venues across South Florida, serving clients of all ages and abilities.

Since my first drum lesson and through middle school and into high school, I excelled in all music classes as percussionist and marching band drum captain, where I led the Charger drumline to a superior rating during my senior year at the Miami-Dade County Public Schools Marching Band Performance Evaluation in Key West.

Now, some 30 years following high school graduation, I’ve repurposed my passion for drumming and added my love for arts’n’crafts and bringing people together. Bambam Drumfun is as much about helping others connect with one another as anything else.

Guess I was on to something back during my table-drumming years.