Bambam Drumfun Welcomes Daytona Pops Orchestra & Jeff, The Music Therapy Guy

It’s been a busy month of networking for yours truly. Emails, zoom and skype meetings, LinkedIn messages .. and texts. Lots of texts.

Getting Bambam to the next level takes time, patience, the right message to the right folks when they’re able to hear it and act on it. And now, some 8+ years into my arts startup with a heart, Bambam Drumfun has some new friends and supporters to add to all the wonderful folks who have supported my mission to bring music and art together in one blended arts enrichment class.

Some new marketing has gotten BBDF some much needed attention.

Feel free to reach out – say hi – ask me how we can put together a dynamic, fun, low-cost high impact arts program that can be used over and over and over .. for pennies on the dollar verses more traditional art and music programs.

Thanks for checking in!

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