What’s new with Bambam Drumfun and Drum Captain Scott? So nice of you to ask . . . .

Rather than bore you into reading a bunch of clippity clap long form body copy (there’s enough of that in my other blog posts), I’ll simply post a few recent picks of what I’ve been up. Let’s just say that in addition to several new group rhythm programs, I’ve added some new interesting elements to my rhythm arts pedagogy which will make BBDF and its related utility more user-friendly, for both activity providers and the wonderful folks they serve. I call them our drummers because they are drummers and they are part of our community.

Yes, Bambam Drumfun is about creating community, like the community of drummers I enjoyed being a part of with my drum sections back in my marching band days at North Miami Beach Senior High School in the late 70s.

Yes, those were the days . . .

My new Hallandale apartment kitchen has a wonderful nook that’s perfect for rhythm-making.
Some new lyrics for my public television b’cast ‘It’s Bambam Drumfun Time,’ which tackles teen mental health. More on this later!

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