Funding Bambam: How Best to Finance Rhythm Arts Programs in Uganda

So here’s the latest. December 2021 was as active a month on the networking side for yours truly since well before Covid reared its ugly head.

And the results speak for themselves, including new ventures with Sonata Assisted Living Network, Vision Media, YMCAs of Broward County, and perhaps the most promising of all, a collaboration with World Youth Horizon, a foundation headed by Priceline co-founder Jeff Hoffman and dedicated to enriching the lives of youth around the world, both in and out of the classroom.

With this new association, an immediate opportunity to bring Bambam Drumfun programs to their youth homes in the African nation of Uganda. This program, currently in the planning stage, would be an ideal showcase for my fledgling arts enrichment brand.

50 kids, $5 each. That’s $250 for

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