More Content for Digital Media – It’s What’s Next for Bambam Drumfun

There’s a look and feel to It’s Bambam Drumfun Time. I decided to go heavy on clean graphics for my Scott’s Dots EZBeats (the dots grid behind Bambam, one of our mascots) and the focal point of BBDF publishing, and rescued found objects for the characters that make up the story-tellers and brand ambassodors (i.e. Bambam, drumbot, Tommy the Therapy Turkey, The Drumbot Five, etc.).


If I learned one thing from my 20+ yrs as an ad writer mostly on Madison Avenue and a few years free-lancing in South Florida, it is the incredible power of and importance of presentation in any marketing or sales environment. The work you want to a client to sign off on … any client be it a major consumer brand, a mom-and-pop operation, or a solo practitioner looking to launch a product or service … must be presented in a manner that’s clean, clear, and to the point.


Learning by seeing how top professionals at major ad agencies produced marketing materials for presentation, hundreds of ad programs over the years which I was a part of as copywriter, certainly has given me a helpful skill in communicating in print the essential content components of Bambam Drumfun, primarily its printed materials (Let’s Drum EZ BEAT Playbooks, DrumWithMe Rhythm Cards, & the BBDF Facilitator Training Be-A-Drum-Captain Guides).

These content-rich assets make Bambam Drumfun a highly desirable media brand, with numerous opportunities for sponsored media across several channels (b’cast, digital and online, in-store POP, on-site, interstitials, etc..).

Stay tuned, so much more to share.

It’s Bambam Drumfun Time! And I’m Drum Captain Scott.

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