And Now Some Good News – Bambam Drumfun Partners with Alive Inside Foundation

Recently, I connected with documentary filmmaker Michael Rossato-Bennett, writer and director of the award-winning film Alive Inside. This film tells the story of music therapist Dan Cohen’s quest to put pre-loaded music in headphones and share them at no cost to seniors with dementia, Alzheimers, Parkinsons, and other neurodegenerative disorders.

Our missions are similar in that both the Alive Inside Foundation and Bambam Drumfun Rhythm Arts programs are dedicated to sharing the joys and benefits of music, in our case playing rhythms, making and decorating drumfun instruments, learning and singing fun and simple songs, and connecting with friends and loved ones.

After a few robust and hearty phone conversations plus countless texts, LinkedIn messages and emails, the obvious became clear to both Michael and yours truly.

BBDF + Alive Inside: More Rhythm Arts Programs to Help ‘Awaken’ More Seniors Than Ever Before

With this new development, Bambam Drumfun programs can be financed through your tax-deductible contributions to the Alive Inside Foundation, a 501c3. It’s not only wonderful news for our growing community of senior rhythm-makers, but also a much-need headline for Bambam Drumfun as we transition to Chapter 2 of my start-up journey.

And now, as creator and Chief Drumfun Captain, I’m venturing into new territory, transitioning away from single weekly ongoing programs to more of a workshop/training/club formation model where our clients now become owners of their very own Bambam Drumfun Rhythm Arts Clubs.

That’s right! Instead of me showing up each week, leading a class for an hour, collecting the sticks, shakers and pads and saying good-bye and ‘see ya next week,’ my drummers will have their very own BBDF Rhythm Arts Kits with their own drumfun kit, e-z beat rhythm books, drum-with-me-cards, and all the drumfun flair they care to print out!

Next up for Bambam? Training & coaching, along with my soon-to-launch BBDF Rhythm Arts Class + Drum Captain Training YouTube Channel

‘Ok, let’s start out with a 1-2-3 beat!’ … Learn, teach, lead, repeat.

The BBDF Drum Captain Training Handbook makes it simple and easy to learn and teach the class rhythms and ez-beats. It’s all designed and tested by yours truly. I’ve based my teaching pedagogy (a fancy word for teaching and learning methodology) on my 2 years as high school marching band drum captain, plus my training as a drum circle facilitator with Jana Broder of Drum Magic in Tampa, along with additional training from the Kalani DCF methods.

Training to be a Drum Captain and leading a basic drumfun session is a snap once you get the hang of it. I’ll also be creating zoom BBDF Drum Captain Training workshops, so stay tuned for announcements on upcoming workshop dates.

Click on this link.

It’s all you need to help me help seniors awaken to the rhythm and sounds of syncopated drumming, along with the joys and many mind-body-spirit benefits of making and decorating their own drumfun kits.

Reach out to me at or the team at Alive Inside in New York City to request a specific Bambam Drumfun class for your loved one, either a solo class or a class/workshop with their community.

And give the gift of rhythm.

Stay tuned for more news from Bambam Drumfun.

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