“Here’s Your Drumfun Kit!”

Sure, Bambam Drumfun is mostly about sharing the joys and benefits of syncopated rhythm-making. We learn and play simple coordinated rhythms together. Lots of them.

We also make and decorate our own sticks, shakers and drumpads together. So you can take your drumfun kit – the sticks, shaker, drumpad and rhythm cards – home and practice, practice, practice!!!

After all, it is the practicing the many fun rhythms and beats we learn that does a drummer good … for the mind, body, heart and spirit. I guarantee it!

Only Bambam Drumfun lets you make, decorate and take home your rhythm instruments.

No other drum program combines drumming and artsncrafts so artfully.

Here are some Bambam Drumfun program materials:

A drumfun kit in every students’ desk … music and art together

There is nothing else like it anywhere in music therapy, art therapy, recreational drumming, traditional drum circle programs, or any related programs.

Anywhere. I’ve checked.

And there’s songs.  Simple, catchy little ditties that are fun to sing, short and sweet, and tell Drumfun classes what we’re doing & how to do it!

Like this shaker maker song …

More songs … more sticks … more shakers … more more more!!

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