‘Ready, Set, Drum’ … How Drumming Got Me Back in the Game

Every now and again I revisit and repost a blog that helped me some time ago. Groove, where are you?

it's bambam drumfun time

My first drum lesson. 11 yrs old. A store-front music lesson shop. My instructor, Pete, had a moustache, an overbite, and a cool calm collected nature.

From that day on I was hooked.

  • singles
  • doubles
  • paradiddles

Fast-forward 40+ years. I wonder why I ever stopped. So glad I continued for all those years through high school. Sure, I could have studied music in college and worked in music in some way. But that wasn’t my path.

I was not meant to play drums for a living. I was meant to struggle, to wander, to meander and take the slow road.

So now, I look back and smile at those early drumming years, and how the lessons learned outside of drumming perhaps provided the blueprint for Bambam Drumfun and all the good things that have sprung from it.

Drumming has always been there for me. And now it has opened up…

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