Music and Art, Together at Last with Bambam Drumfun.

Let’s drum.

Let’s practice our Latin dance rhythms.

Let’s decorate our shakers. Together.

Connecting in rhythm.  That’s Bambam Drumfun.
Music and art go together so well, whether it’s in the activity room, at the rec center, or in the classroom. And there’s no enrichment arts program that combines the benefits of music and art together like Bambam Drumfun. 
That’s the main idea behind my Bambam Drumfun classes.
And, with 2000+ 1-hour sessions in the books from South Miami to Tallahassee since launching in the fall of 2013, it’s certainly caught on here in the Sunshine State.

These joyous music-making classes continue to bring together folks of all ages and abilities for an engaging hour or so of simple beats and fun rhythm games.

And since adding arts’n’crafts in the fall of last year (2016), Bambam Drumfun now provides clients with a comprehensive arts engagement program.

During our classes, special events and workshops, drummers of all ages and abilities have the opportunity to participate in a dynamic cultural arts activity. Recently, I’ve come up with a simple way to explain the overall program and it’s component parts. 


That’s what we do, not always all together or in that order. But more or less, it describes the 3 categories of activities that make up BBDF. It also gives administrators, foundation heads, activity directors and program directors a quick sense of what we’re all about.  

We learn and play rhythms . . . together.
We make and decorate sticks, shakers, and pads . . . together.
We share what we’ve made and played . . . together.
For 2019, Bambam Drumfun now seeks new ways to share the joys of Make, Play, Share with a broader market.

dateline belle glade RESIZED

MAKE, PLAY, SHARE . . . So many ways to connect through rhythm & arts’n’crafts, together.

That’s Bambam Drumfun … learning and playing simple rhythms and drum patterns … making and decorating sticks, shakers, pads, and various rhythm print pieces, and sharing what we’ve made and played with others …

finalinsbro (2)

1800+ CLASSES SINCE 2013!

The idea for Bambam Drumfun came about during my year as interim music instructor at Colbert Elementary in Hollywood. After some trial and error, and some broken paper-plate shakers that resulted in dry beans being spilled on to the floor in hallways across campus (with apologies to the custodial staff), I eventually came up with a simple, fun and low-cost drumming / arts’n’crafts activity that has worked well for all ages and abilities.

By combining music-making & arts’n’crafts in one activity, Bambam Drumfun provides an ideal sensory engagement activity for all ages and abilities, especially exceptional learners and seniors in independent living, memory-care settings and adult community centers.

Below, a writeup from Palm Villa of Covenant Village, where my wonderful client shared a little about my program in their monthly magazine.

2018-05-14 00.16.35

My drummers call me Drum Captain Scott, but I am open to a name change.   Scott Bambam sure has nice ring to it, don’t you think



Our shakers can be utilized in many creative ways, for instance as blank canvas for message delivery or as a learning tool (think of a 6-sided white bean-filled 2″ cardboard cub covered with various themes). The decorative and artistic possibilities are endless. And, at about 20 cents a piece raw cost, our homemade shaker raw costs are as budget-friendly as they are fun to make and decorate!

Interested? Here’s my card.


business card


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