newcardThe latest business card for Bambam Drumfun features the graphic theme elemental to my EZBeats rhythm music notation.


It’s not rocket science, and certainly not worthy of a TED talk. Yet dot-based EZBeats provide a simple, bold rhythm notation system that’s a snap.

I’ve searched long and hard for a similar graphic language used to communicate basic rhythms. So far, Scott’s Dots has no competitor.


The dots across a 4 or 8 box line are tapped once, twice, three, or four times, within the time interval of the box.

Like a tic on a clock. Each box, tic toc tic toc across, in time … It’s deceptively simple. 4 dots across – 1 per box – is sounded out and played as follows ….

“Tap, tap, tap, tap.”drummarch1TIC TOC TIC TOC KEEP IN RHYTHM LIKE A CLOCK!

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